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Our Architectural Steel Detailing Services consist of complete and accurate fabrication and erection drawings of custom architectural products fabricated of Standard Structural Shapes.  With the exception of stairs, these items often have minimal design loads that do not effect the structural frame and often include; stairs, handrail, guardrail, ladders, bollards, gates, equipment support framing, and catwalks.  Also included are all erection plans, elevations, sections and details for the proper and safe installation of the structural steel.

The staff of Prism Steel Detailing typically uses AutoCAD with our own internally developed suite of blocks, sections, and details to detail most architectural steel items.  However, it is not uncommon for us to detail stairs and handrail within the 3D model on larger projects, especially industrial projects with a large amount of simple stairs and handrail.  This allows us to ensure the stairs and bolted railing is completely coordinated with attachment holes and material on the structural steel.

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