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The 2007 cover of the New Millennium catalogue shows structural steel at Trine University detailed by Prism Steel Detailing

Our Joist and Deck Detailing Services consist of preparing complete and accurate lists and bills for Vulcraft or New Millenium products as specified in the Structural Design Drawings. These products typically include joist girders, open web joist, bridging, deck, and accessories.  Also included are all the erection plans, elevations, sections and details for the proper and safe installation of the joist and deck.

We typically provide these services in coordination with the structural steel detailing as an effective option on time sensitive projects when the supplier’s detailing schedule can not meet the project’s schedule.  However, Prism Steel  will detail joist and deck under an independent contract. We have also detailed joist and deck direct for both Vulcraft and New Millenium.


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