Prism Steel Detailing, LLC
Detailers of Structural and Misc Steel
AISC Associate

Central1 - ShadowOur Structural Steel Detailing Services consist of preparing the complete and accurate fabrication drawings for all structural steel elements of the structural frame that are shown and sized in the Structural Design Drawings.  These elements are essential to support the design loads and commonly include; columns, beams, girts, lintels, bracing, moment frames, and all connection and support paraphernalia.  Also included are all erection plans, elevations, sections and details for the proper and safe installation of the structural steel.

The Prism Steel Detailing staff details using the most advanced 3D structural steel detailing programs; Design Data’s SDS/2 and Tekla Structures.  These programs give us the ability to actually pre-construct the steel frame in a virtual 3D environment. This allows us to get a complete 360 degree view of complicated framing connections and foresee potential conflicts. 

Since the detail drawings are interactively tied to the model, this approach also gives us 100% connectivity of steel members.  However, just like any other program, the quality of the output is only as good as the quality of the input. The real power of these programs is realized when we combine these tools with the extensive experience of our structural steel detailers.


Tekla Structures
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